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Glass art courses along with refreshments is a unique experience for everyone.

Do you want to try something fun and creative? Something that you haven’t done before? Then you won’t be disappointed with our culinary and cultural glass art courses.

Our glass art courses, with a culinary twist, are indeed a good and uplifting way to spend some time together and create nice memories.

Students will learn about the history of glass and also learn some basic methods in glass cutting and glass decorating. We will use ash from the famous glacier Eyjafjallajökull and black sand from our won black beach in Thorlakshofn.

At the end of the course the items are melted and 30 hours later they are returned to their rightful owner.

There glass art courses need to be reserved in advance.

Since we feel that life is to short for bad calories we enjoy delicious refreshments durning the course in a cosy and relaxing environment.