Happy calories

We take pride in all of our meals that are made from scratch,
free of any additives with most of the products from local farmers.
Everybody should be able to enjoy a good meal,
so if there is something you are allergic to just let us know.
We try our best to please each and everyone.

You can also have glutenfree bread.

Soup of the day

Homemade bread, pesto, hummus and whipped butter
2.490 kr.

Wellness from the sea

Fresh fish every day
3.290 kr. – 4.290 kr.

Lobster soup

Pesto cream cheese, scallops, homemade bread
2.390 kr. – 3.690 kr.

Happy salat

Fresh from the kitchen
3.190 kr.
Get some lobster, cocos chicken or vegatable balls for 990 kr.

Happy burger

120 gr. beef from farm
You choose what you want, our recommendation to get a real happy burger is:
Mango-mustard sauce, tomatoes, pickled onions, deep fried brie, jam,
regular or sweet potatoes
3.290 kr

Vegan Happy “burger”

Vegetable burger (gluten & beans free)

sweet potatoes&dates jam, salad, tomatoes, paprika, spicy beetroot, spiers
regular or sweet potatoes
3.290 kr

Bread, pesto, hummus and whipped butter

For two persons
2.390 kr

Happy sandwich Parma ham

Honey mustard sauce, salad, Parma ham, melon, parmesan, lemon glaze
2.390 kr.

Happy sandwich Smoked salmon

Orange mango sauce, salad, scrambled eggs,
smoked salmon, fresh dill
2.390 kr.

Happy sandwich Tomato and mozzarella

Tomato pesto, salad, fresh mozzarella,
tomatoes, lemon glaze
2.390 kr

Happy vegan sandwich

Tomato pesto, vegan cheese, paprika, tomatoes, spiers
2.390 kr

Grilled blueberry-cheese sandwich

Homemade bread, Icelandic blueberry, brie,
fresh mozzarella, honey and salad
2.590 kr

Grilled sandwich

Homemade bread, ham, cheese,
served with honey-mustard sauce

1.790 kr

With salad:  2,390 kr

Grilled vegan sandwich

Basil pesto, 2 typ. vegan cheese, paprika, tomatoes. Served with oranges hummus.
2.390 kr

Happy children

Our children are the most important people in the world, that’s why we try our best to have them well feed. Good to know their special wishes so they get the best experience from our food. If there is special lifestyle or allergies, please let us know.

Bread with butter/cheese, free of charge.

Grilled sandwich

Ham, cheese
Served with honey mustard sauce
990 kr.

Happy burger

70 gr. burger, you choose the toppings
fries and honey mustard sauce
1.190 kr.

Wellness from the sea

Ask our kind staff

1.190 kr.

French fries

Sweet/ or regular potatoes, and sauce
350 kr.

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