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Café and Glassart gallery

At the coffeeshop we make all our meals from scratch with the finest ingredients straight from farmers and our immediate enviroment. We offer gluten-free refreshments as well as other special diets, wedo our best to serve all. Every day we offer healthy soups, homemade breads, sandwiches of all sorts both hot and cold, freshly baked cakes and more.

Most of the interior, chairs, tables etc. have one thing in common, everything has come to its age but has gone through make-up to serve guests for coming years. Old tableware is given a new life as well as glass art that I make and design by myself.

Handmade glass crockery, as well as other glass items, can be ordered and designed by the wishes of each customer. We offer personalized service and service both companies as individuals.

At Hendur í Höfn, professionalism always comes first and all our glass items are under warranty until it arrives at it´s final destination. We offer glass courses for groups and food is included. Ideal for employee associations, hen and stag groups, families and friends, it´s ideal for every occasion.

Opening hours from Tuesday  to  Friday 10:00am – 7:00pm.
From Saturday to Sunday 10:00am – 5:00pm .
We welcome groups, all up to 30 people, outside of standard opening hours